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NEWS, 9th Dec 09

Joby has worked hard as the chairman of our local traders’ association this past year and a half. DSD gave the association £150.000 through the ReStore scheme to upgrade the area around Castle St and King St. The work has now been completed, and the result is highly visible!

If you are in the area over the next few weeks doing your Christmas shopping please take a walk down Castle St and see how all the derelict buildings have been covered in beautiful artwork, and how all the shop fronts have been painted and new signs erected. Then turn down King St to continue the arts trail – it is very impressive.

In the new year we hope to extend the arts trail down Marquis St and College Mews.

If you walk past King Street Arts, please stop for a minute and enjoy the hand crafted tiles around our entrance. Justina Pers has done a fabulous job making each tile unique and fitting them all together beautifully.

In the new year we will keep working on upgrading the area and build on the community spirit that has risen out of this project.

Marquis St corner

Marquis St before

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